When referred to in this document, “The Company” refers to: Evolution Window Systems Pty Ltd

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the detail contained in this document is accurate in every aspect before signing the acceptance. Once the quotation has been accepted, “The Company” will not be responsible for any incorrect sizes (other than those stated in this signed acceptance of the quote).

Orders under $2, 000 require payment in full on acceptance.
Orders over $2, 000 require a 50% deposit on acceptance, with the balance to be paid in full 4 days prior to Pick-up or Delivery.
All orders for Supply and Installation require a deposit of 50% of total price on acceptance of quotation, then 25% on completion of manufacture, and the remaining 25% on completion of installation.

Once the quotation has been accepted and materials have been ordered, changes thereafter will incur a fee for any additional cost of labour and materials incurred.

All windows supplied need to be carefully installed and checked for squareness.  No liability is accepted for faulty installation or for frames manufactured if sizes or details change. All variations will be charged for. A service fee is chargeable if a representative of “The Company” is required on site due to incorrect installation by others.

“The Company” warranties and guarantees as per the Australian Windows Association (AWA) specifications and in accordance with the Building code of Australia (BCA). Warranties and guarantees for components are as nominated by the component manufacturers and suppliers. All warranties and guarantees are void if recommended maintenance procedures and or installation standards are not followed.

Refer to Viridian Glass warranties here: www.viridianglass.com/knowledge/warranties/default.aspx

“The Company” advises that all delivery dates are approximate only and are subject to alteration without notice. All goods remain the property of “The Company” until they have been paid for in full. A storage fee may be applicable if windows are required to be held in our factory beyond the agreed delivery date.

“The Company” in accordance with current Occupational, Health and Safety regulations, will safely deliver and unload all items to a designated address and area (at ground level). Should the Client not nominate a safe area for delivery, our delivery personnel will assess the site and make a determination as to the best delivery point based on safety, accessibility and security. Safety will always be the predetermining factor. Should individual or multiple items need to be relocated from the primary point of delivery, it is the express responsibility of the client to coordinate their resources to achieve safe and secure handling.

Once goods have been picked up or delivered by “The Company”, the Client will be held fully responsible for any damages.

Where Plastic Protection has been optioned, please be aware that it only has a 12 week life span onsite from the date of delivery.  Any Frame / Glass damage caused by not removing the plastic protection within the 12 week life span will not be warranted by “The Company”.

Prices include GST.

This quote is valid for 30 days from the Quote Date.