Greek Orthodox Church

The acoustic design of this project was based wholly on AS2012-2000 with the typical aircraft movement (the type of aircraft and the number of movements) governing the extent of the treatment.

The window treatments required for this project were significant in size and value. The stakeholders expressed their desire not to have a primary and secondary window configuration applied to this building as the costs with supply, installation and painting two sets of windows would have been excessive.

Evolution Windows was engaged to investigate a stand alone acoustic window that could be constructed to meet the design and acoustic criteria. Evolution sourced a high performing glass and interlayer from the United States through Glass Insulation of Sydney. The IGU is 50mm thick.

The window configuration was designed by Evolution to compartmentalise the window to assist in breaking up the reverberation time of the noise source. The embodiment of the religious sentiment into the window design further illustrates Evolution’s commitment to providing solutions to challenging issues. With acoustic testing giving a 47Rw value result, this outcome allowed Evolution to meet the cost and design requirements.

This project has been a true “one-off” that has achieved an amazing outcome.

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