Remedial Works

Evolution Window Systems are specialists in window and door replacement projects for residential apartments and the commercial sector. Highly experienced staff are involved in the design and engineering stages through to the manufacture and installation of both aluminium and timber window and door systems.

Among the body corporates, engineers and builders we work with, common feedback has been that the experience can be nerve wracking for homeowners and body corporates who are investing their money. They want assurance that the project will run smoothly, add value and increase performance both in energy and noise reduction, while improving the aesthetics of the overall building.

The decision to use Evolution Window Systems over other fabricators comes down to:

  • Our high level of expertise in wind loads, water penetration, thermal efficiencies and assurances we are recommending the right products for your project;
  • Our trusted expertise in building detail and installation ensuing the highest level of quality of workmanship;
  • Our ability to present and demonstrate the range of products available at our showroom to all stakeholders within the project; and
  • Our ability to manage the project from start to end, including manufacturing and installation to form a complete turnkey solution regarding your window and door requirements.

What our customers say

Evolution’s level of expertise, industry knowledge and experience blows away the engineers we work with. Knowing that Evolution Window Systems have sound knowledge regarding the standards and application requirements, makes a big difference. It gives us confidence to work with Evolution every time. They also have a great showroom which we can invite clients out to see what they will be getting. This gives them an opportunity to ask questions, touch and feel the product and peace of mind.

Wayne, SBM

We like working with Evolution because they listen and are consistent in what they manufacture and deliver. The fact that their range is so comprehensive and includes both aluminum and timber is an advantage too. Their showroom also gives us and our clients confidence, because they can speak directly to Evolution and experience the products firsthand which always helps with decision making.

James, Max Build

Issues we can resolve

Window replacement projects we have undertaken have tackled all sorts of issues and requirements including:

  • Complying with new standards
  • Removing window rot and concrete cancer
  • Removing leaky windows or windows no longer functioning properly
  • Increasing the safety and security of the building
  • Improving the aesthetics and adding value to the building
  • Reducing unwanted outside noise due to increased population and traffic
  • Improving thermal performance and comfort to reduce the use of heating/cooling appliances.

See some of our recent remedial work:

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