Pacific View Point House

This home at Bronte Beach in Sydney’s eastern seaboard is designed to soak up as much of the far-reaching Pacific Ocean views on offer while creating a “place for peace” for its occupants.

Designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects and Alwill Interiors, the home replaced a 1970's brick house that did not fully encompass the benefits of its beautiful location.

Spread over four levels, the large curved glazing was an important feature. Evolution Window Systems were contracted to bring this challenging design to reality, along with various other windows, large seamless sliding doors and three small angular glass roofs, all custom designed.

The second challenge was to create a large number of gridded sliding screens from Western Red Cedar. Evolution had recently invested in a 5 Axis CNC machine, which was used to create these screens precisely, there were over 10,000 machining cuts required to achieve this.

This is a beautiful architectural home, a place to contemplate the ever-changing nature of the sea and the blue horizon beyond.

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