Evolution Windows undertook this project where their client wanted to invest heavily in contributing to a greener, cleaner, smarter future. It was up to Evolution Windows to make sure the client\’s needs were fulfilled and to overcome any setbacks that arose.

Evolution Windows made use of the East-West orientation of the courtyard and used bi-fold doors to allow maximum solar exposure, to warm the polished concrete slabs during the day and release the absorbed heat at night.

The double glazing window system of Evantage coated Low-E glass with a 12mm air gap was used throughout the home to provide winter warmth and louvre systems combined with Evantage Low-E glazing were strategically placed to provide cross ventilation in the warmer months.

The home office located on a corner was given an extensive view of the courtyard provided by sliding windows that slide out of view, inviting the outdoor ambience into the office.

The house shows how rational design and existing technologies can still provide a basis for innovation and in turn develop a modern, low impact, low maintenance and low energy family home.

Timber bifold door, opening out into the backyard
Timber sliding window, looking out to a courtyard
Timber windows and doors in an architecturally designed kitchen
A mix of new and old; timber windows with recycled timber shutters
Timber fixed window, with ocean views