Moss River House

The ‘Moss River House’ is built on the site of an original 1800s farmhouse, around 100 metres from the Yass River which flows through the property.

Presented as a collection of buildings across the landscape, the homestead features two new pavilions, separated from the remnant stone cottages by a glazed link structure. Natural materials of stone and timber were used throughout to integrate these new pavilions with the historic character of the cottages.

The refurbished stone cottages function as entry portals, flanking the arrival point through a solid pivoting door of massive proportions. As you walk through the entry foyer, an expansive open glazed area draws you to the breathtaking beauty of this endless landscape. Large double glazed sliding windows, standing 2.7 metres tall, slide in multiple directions to provide amazing cross ventilation in warmer weather.

In cooler weather, when temperatures plummet, the design and integration of Schlegel weather seals produce an air tight, high performing system to all windows and doors in this amazing house. Evolution Window Systems supplied and installed all of the windows and doors throughout this home, including the double glazed low lights in aluminium channels and a number of 90 degree corner units that were silicone jointed - lapped glass detail was used in the double glazed corner units with no timber mullions required. Evolution also replicated traditional joinery methods for the stone cottages, with ‘cords and weights’ double hung windows and detailed panelled hinged doors.

With extreme temperatures ranging from a high of 42 degrees Celsius in summer, and a record low of minus eight degrees Celsius in the middle of winter, thermal comfort was a high priority for the homeowner. Due to its excellent insulating properties, timber frames were specified, along with the natural beauty of rosewood and its deep rich red colours.

The clients were aware of the environmental impact of illegal logging and requested that timber was sourced from a certified supplier that could guarantee the history of the timber and chain of custody.

The combination of timber with high performing double glazed units, coupled with under floor heating and solar roof panels, have made for an extremely comfortable living experience. Timber floor joists from the two stone cottages was used for the large front entry pivot door and sidelight framing, and were integrated on both sides of channel glazed double glazed units. This building embraces its heritage and provides a rich history for its homeowner.

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome. I have had the pleasure of working on some amazing houses in my windows career, but I think this is some of our finest work from our timber joinery team. I hope the photos do it justice.”Michael Brookes, Director, Evolution Window Systems

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