Northern Beaches Christian School

The client requested the largest possible top hung, double glazed, sliding door system, double glazed, around which they would then build the walls to suit.

Being a school, special consideration was given to the operating forces to allow for ease of use by children. The design also had to comply with various codes including disabled, operating forces, fire escape and section J requirements.

The E3 series met these demands with 2400 x 3000mm wide sliding door panels and beyond. Evolution went to the maximum of 250 kg per panel. Internal timber joinery, Vic Ash with a black Japan stain, acoustic seals, and the electric hardware fitted, all complemented the design.

The design approach for this project capitalised on the positive qualities of this modern building to provide a facility that would provide a creative teaching and learning environment for years to come.

The Elevate series of modern sliding doors, along with double glazing delivers excellent thermal performance and is ideal for commercial and high end applications.

The results are aesthetically brilliant. With enormous natural light produced and thermally efficient, it creates a happy place to learn.

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