Warriewood Residence

Perched high on a ridge overlooking Sydney’s stunning Northern Beaches, there was never any question that windows would be a major feature of this impressive Warriewood residence. Of course, framing those sweeping ocean views might be a no-brainer, but the right solution isn’t always obvious, nor is the implementation always straightforward.

This imposing and uncompromisingly modern house, designed by Ergo Architecture and Interiors for the builder himself, had the odd stumble along the way, but the result is outstanding, and ultimately earned an MBA Award for Cumberland Building.

The first issue to be addressed when building a coastal property is that of quality. The winds, rain and salt are famously hard on external fixtures and fittings. In this case, the chosen products also needed to fit seamlessly within both the exterior and the slick, modern interior designed by Arent & Pyke. To ensure the extensive window systems would both stand the test of time and hit the right aesthetic note, Cumberland Building turned to AWS and Evolution Windows.

It’s not enough for a product to offer longevity and the right look; current design standards demand systems that deliver energy efficiencies and meet all safety ratings. The MBA panel were particularly impressed with this aspect of the house, noting, ‘The design and placement of windows ensures there is ample natural light throughout the building.’ The panel also commended the way the property utilises ‘thermal passive design for optimal cross ventilation and well exceeds its BASIX requirements.’

Elevate™ Series 704 sliding door was configured as a 90°corner stacker sliding door. This created space and a beautiful barrier between the indoors and the casual seating and BBQ area.

The defining feature of the exterior of the property is the open face it turns towards the glorious coastal views. A light, cantilevered two-storey home perched above a double garage with a full-width wooden door, the house manages to make a statement without overwhelming its environment; a modern classic in the pantheon of contemporary coastal design.

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